and various other musings by John Christian
M - R


moon in the water

Fire does not wait for the sun to be hot
Wind does not wait for the moon to be cool

Empty - in a single drop of water
Ability - to reflect the entire sky
The thoughts of ourselves apart from ourselves
Empty – the light does not divide you
Ability – the moon does not break water
The thoughts of ourselves apart from ourselves

Empty – endless moonlight in the sky
Ability – to not want to see the end
The thoughts of ourselves apart from ourselves
Empty – to know how deep of a drop
Ability – is then the height of the moon
The thoughts of ourselves apart from ourselves

Empty – cannot hinder illumination
Ability – to know where is the light
The thoughts of ourselves apart from ourselves
Empty – letting go of all the beliefs
Ability – to then release your firm grip
The thoughts of ourselves apart from ourselves




Beasts in slumber
Dreams of itself
In spotless change
There is no darkness
Beasts in slumber
Far from a thought
Safe behind gluttony
Unable to feel
I am man ; not beast
And in all directions I choose to ignore
These drunken statues
Beasts in slumber
Rising to hunt
Roar towards their gods
By shallow perversion
Beasts in slumber


move right in

Kindled in
The hearts of men
Break down the walls
Move right in
We fight for peace
So mightily spread
Taking hold
You move right in
Those who sin
Pray for your enemies
Move right in
Time has seen
Your weapon drawn
Into this world
You move right in
Trading in
Wages of men
For social good
You move right in
Weighing in
The rules of men
Dividing the wealth
You move right in


miss information

Compassion come daily has formed our attitude
Imagine heaven with groundless gratitude
A meter is required to measure interest
Believe in Miss Information
And admit you do confess
Dance Miss Information…you can dance Miss Information
Your pockets are empty; your wardrobe is in disarray
They tear up your backyard
Foundations they must lay
For their new found housing
Anything would be let in
And you would use Miss Information and we do confess
Dance Miss Information…you can dance Miss Information
Some people petition to open up the door
And take on foundations for this would be the cure
We see the world dying though times we overthrow
Remember the passion and what we do confess
Dance Miss Information…you can dance Miss Information
Compassion come daily has formed our attitude
Imagine heaven … oh Miss Information
Dance Miss Information…
you can dance you can dance
you can dance Miss Information

miscalculating Judgement day

Traveling on the moon town train
Not feeling quite half insane
With an opponent of the peace time land
This is where we have to stand
Is there nobody paying no due
To what you and I are going through
Echoes lead us to the safety zone
There is love for all and you can have your own
If you can’t find tomorrow
Maybe you can beg or borrow
I can no longer reach you
Somebody else will have to teach you now

Take an alligator to your grave
Everyone will blindly wave
All because of one big score – tell me
Have you ever done this before?
These are emotions we are told to hide
Some even call it genocide
Hot coals on a star lit lake
Our love can never be called a mistake
Even though there is illusion
The common thread is confusion
I can no longer reach me
Somebody else will have to teach me now

Occupy another home
No education you have known
With an eternal lock around your neck
How come you cannot mend your pockets
...Before you beg?
There is danger in numbers here
Some of us might disappear
Then what would all the prophets say?
Miscalculating judgment day
Perhaps the vacation’s over
Sling the bag on your shoulder
You can no longer reach me
Somebody else has already touched me now



We live in a world with no solutions
To our problems which through evolution
Have escalated into a form of madness
That we have all accepted
So tell me why are you still drooling
When with all your schooling
You are supposed to be a better man than me
No No don’t give me no bullshit
Just tell me that you’ve had it
With this world we have created
It’s time we do something
So walk into any government office
And tell them you didn’t elect them
In fact, if you had it your way
The laws you would erase
But that would leave then out of work you know
Even though they wouldn’t suffer
‘Till we take our boots to their face
Don’t get me wrong
I’m really not that violent
But with the end so near
We have nothing they can trace
So we sing a madsong


I would do anything not to be this way
Take you for a ride in the month of May
Take you by the hand through the holy land
For a thousand years wipe away your tears
I would say anything to be on your side
Then you can never tell when the hero is in hell
So prepare to see the chosen destiny
A lock without a key – this is misery

I can no longer wait; I want to no longer hate
In the left behind I am in my mind
Now you realize you are in disguise
Hope the lesson learned teach us all how to burn
In the month of June beneath the stormy moon
The secret is then revealed high upon the hill
There for all to see what is meant to be
A ship without a sea – this is misery

You find a way on in
You take it while you can
Following a ‘why’
You walk the sky
Then you set aside
The 'what' you look inside
It’s all the factory – this is misery

I would do anything not to be this way
Trip you for a ride in the month of May
Drag you by the hand through the promise land
For a million years reduce you to tears
I would say anything to see the other side
And you can always tell when you are in hell
As we prepare to see our only destiny
A cold cup of tea – this is misery


Much Too Long

When it comes that you are laughing no more
Go check the score that you came with
When it comes – when yesterday is near
But tomorrow is here to contend with
Then you swiftly pass the rivers
As you cease discerning secrets
That are stashed behind the billboards of our land
After all these mile-long hours
You just can’t believe it’s coming
You are the actor in the play – a hero all the way
With nothing more to say than it’s OK
When it comes that you lie on the floor
Hungry for more than you came with
So it comes that time has to pass
You are out on your ass that you are born with
Life has a reason but it doesn’t know the meaning
Of the words written on the bathroom wall
Prepare your voices and join in the chorus
That is on its way back home; a fool too late to roam
The stage is set; the lights go out on you

1:07 … and the girls become women
Sweeping up floors for their brothers and sisters
Life envelopes the mind and drowns it in their fears
We fail…we cry…we live
1:09 … and the boys become men
Scanning the playground they fight to win friends
They hear the whistle blow so it’s time for them to go
But who will stop the show
Not I…I cry…I live
Not soon enough we stop
1:11 … and the boys become women
Sweeping up dirt from their broken heaven
Not me he cries alone – who can understand


No Longer Wonder Why

I have this friend of mine who likes to waste his time
He talks of all he knows – then lives in overdose
When I am alone in bed it goes straight to my head
No matter where I stand there is a helping hand
And then this friend I tell to others can repel
Long distance circle rhyme – how can you turn back time?
Don’t tell me how I should think
Don’t measure how much I drink
And if I choose to smoke
Maybe it is all one big joke
When I get together with my friend we both like to pretend
That we are sitting on a star – not caring who we are
When the luminaries start to curl
All around this frightened world
One thought is all it takes
To see our own mistakes
I show this friend of mine a real damn good time
It matters not what I believe
We wish for peace but still we grieve
Then we send our youth to war
What is it that we are fighting for?
By the hill the soldiers wait
To reclaim all that we hate
When I am alone at night I tremble for the light
This world and all that is here is guided by a fear
Quite relaxed and so secure
That is what my friend is searching for
In another world instead
That is where he aims his head
I go to work each day
But I wonder when I will play
If that is the case I think I will die
And no longer wonder why

North Of The Border Of Hope

Three men from an icy city north of the border of hope
Came to this town with intentions in mind
to sacrifice the pope
“Hold a minute son” said the border king
“The queen’s about the rise and
Set straight in your mind once and for all time
there is no freedom prize”
Our heroes were told of a hidden gold
buried beneath the soil
So they got out their tools needed for discovery
and began to toil
Time passed by without a cry of rejoicement in their heart
And after a while the three gave up
figuring the queen was much too smart

And the border king said

“Don’t know how I should tell you son
but better it not be too late…
You see the queen’s insane; she’s got earwigs in her brain…
while she commanding us our fate…
But go ahead and seek your fortune;
go ahead and make a try…
Just remember what I have told you
when you are wondering why”

Now the three men felt uneasy
after hearing what the border king had said
Though they continued to search for the treasure
They thought it might be in their heads
So they sat down and questioned themselves
what is it that they want
And after some time they came to a find
of riches in their hearts

And the border king cried



Hail the rising sun
Colours limited
Calling Lucifer
He has got me on the run
Lord of all around
You see us pleading
Won’t you lay your money down
Graves are turning
There are maggots in the ground
Still your children are worth nothing
Through the fire wall
Pretend soldiers march
They build their crosses tall
Caught up in the magic
Now they start to fall
Finding out their lives mean nothing
Life is a callous dream
With edges fraying
It belongs inside a scream
Over-rating us by saying we are clean
When really all we are are nothing

Now I Know

Childhood memories escape me now
Besides which in those days we were carefree anyhow
But I remember my first time on that star
Now I know it really pays to remain who you truly are
I pulled the curtain down when the show was done
It was quite finished but for me it had just begun
I found there was no need for anyone to grieve
Now I know it really pays to live as you believe
I have slept in the cold; all wet on the ground
Thought I lost everything but now it is found
My fears are far away and in it all so deep
Now I know it really pays to sow before you reap

Oceans In My Mind

There are oceans in my mind
Seas of thought
Come ride my waters
Sail on my waves
Fish deep out of my depths
They are not infinite
But to know me will take a lifetime

OH Mercy Me

Oh mercy me,
I’ve been here so long that I know longer see
The crude indifference that people often live
While trying to show that they are good
Oh mercy me,
What will it take for us to get ourselves to be
Together harmonizing; instead familiar noises
Would we not much prefer to love

And when I get out of bed I hear a noise in my head
And if I step out of line there’s a place that I find
It’s a warm happy place; it puts a smile on my face
And I can take you there too; forever I will be true
As long as I think of you

Oh mercy me,
I wish that I could find a means to set you free
But as you surely know it is not up to me
Or you to find out what we are
Oh mercy me,
Why does it take so long to find a way to be
When will the answer come; I know we need it bad
But it still eludes us all the same

Oh mercy me,
It is almost over and still we have more to see
Get out your pail and shovel; we will dig for gold
Oh mercy me,
we are not perfect but we expect to be
A strange position; if we stay inside
We might not ever have to go away


On Ice

Scream – Silence
The leg is entrapped
Why die like this?

Scream – Silence
To gnaw at the flesh
Why die like this?

Scream – Silence
For nothing butwealth
Why die like this?

Scream – Silence
To make madam proud
Why die like this?

Scream – Silence
Buyer beware
Why die like this?

Scream – Silence



Hail who dwells in the sea
Hail who dwells in the air
Hail who dwells in the land
Hail who dwells in my land
Hail who dwells in my world
Hail who dwells in my space
Hail open the gate
Hail open the door
Hail open the mind
Hail open the soul

People Of The Earth

People of the earth living with the land
Respecting its limits always giving back
People of the earth honouring the spirit
The secrets of their riches held tight inside their souls
People of the earth standing for equality
The wisdom of the ages passed down to the youth

People of the earth defend against intruders
Who do nothing but destroy and rob them of their rights
People of the earth simply forgotten
People of the earth your heritage lives
People of the earth innocent and peaceful
People of the world are jaded and uneasy
People of the earth united in spirit
People of the earth
Your heritage will not be forgotten
This, the price of progress


Planet Nine

Life living on borrowed time
Reinvest your occasion wine
What will it take for you to be mine
Head sticking in shadows
Hind legs removing all signs
Deep beneath the Planet Nine
We will all have to unwind
Crime waves through the gallows
While interest rates increase
You are to burn your fleece
And the policies we knew have been demised
Reign now and complete your grind
For now and for all time
House burning – lives on fire
Flames rising over the shadows
Carelessly you start to whine
Life itself has been behind
How on earth can you make your find
Space crawls around the shallows

While all is lost it seems - god has to redeem
And the politics you have made are more conceived
You don’t ever listen to what I’ve got to say
Because what I have got
Has got what you are not
And I prefer my way
I do not read tea leaves
I do not tell a tale
Name the reason some of us choose not to inhale
All of you by now know what is to be defined when
I know I do not need what you say here on Planet Nine


Reinforcements Are Never All That Strong

Just when you gaze into the far behind
All the pain comes raging through
Lingering around like a broken cloud
The urge is then to start anew
But imagine you are on a silent sea
The sky is blue; the air is calm
When waves of happiness swell inside of you
The raft of pretense is all gone
Though you’re fighting it
There’s no hiding it
These memories are following you home
You call for help but you
Realize that the reinforcements are never all that strong

Now awakened you feel that you must take in
The information to your mind
But there is a blockage that stops it from sinking in
And you begin to be unkind
So consider love as all that has to be
It is really simple if you try
Strip away the layers so you will be real
Then you will know you never die
As you hurry back to where the truth is now
This is all you will ever need
Capturing the feeling that you are alive
And with no prerequisite to bleed
In the conscious mind illusion has its fall
Sets the witness in the clear
Then you see your life and all that you are
Or at least that’s what I hear


Retreat From Certainty

The throb of the engine dies
The man leans over the rail
The cabin carries no lamp
The black negation of life
Is that a flicker of light?
A pale apparition of late
Flying out of the dark
And echoed by a virgin flow
The throb of the engine swells
The man falls into the cloud
The vessel begins to move
Into a glowing magic sea
Then pass straight through the wave
A passage of showering sparks
In a blaze of the glimmering sea
Fled the man from certainty

Roll It

Government – there to lend
Back the wealth we keep pouring in
Police are clogging up the street
Pretty soon we will have to learn how to roll it
Watch yourself – think real fast
Don’t let them grab you by the ass
They try to chain you to your past
But don’t believe them
You can learn how to roll it
Pressures cooking on the firing line
Some friends of mine have lost their minds
Met one just the other day he said…
“Society will have to pay.”
So until then we roll it
Why is that you live in sin?
How have you come this far within?
Your life means nothing – still you grin – because
You know that you have learned how to roll it

Resistance Co-Exsistence

Through the years they tried to synchronize
Man and machine; machine and man
Using fear they tried to dull our eyes
Man and machine; machine and man
Despite the leers they tried to weave their lies
Man and machine; machine and man
Through the cheers they tried to harmonize
Man and machine; machine and man
And careers they tried to oversize
Man and machine; machine and man
Using smears they tried to win the prize
Man and machine; machine and man
Through the years they finally synchronized
Man and machine; machine and man
Now with tears we’ve had to close our eyes
Man and machine; machine and man
With their peers they now control our lives
Man and machine; machine and man

Rituals And Magic

There are rituals and magic
Which are symptomatic of a counterfeit philosophy
Which forms inside a sterile opportunism
Never to be had by those who toil and suffer
Obtaining riches while the rest of us surrender to them

Rituals and Magic

There are rituals and magic
Which have a boundless path and impractical to follow
Which reveals the face of the constant devolution
Prevailing distrust darkens the lives of those
Whose voice cannot reach the ears of the guilty ones

Rituals and Magic

There are rituals and magic
Which offer hope and health and peace to the prisoners
Which starts the dance and frees the mind to think

Rituals and Magic